My CMCU Mobile Banking App yorumlar


After update will not load. Keeps saying loading presets.


Works great! Easy to use.

Works well

Dies exactly what it should very well . The graphs are useful. No problems for me

Great Application!!

What a great application. The CU is always providing me with easy and convenient ways to access my account. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Awesome App!!!!

Thanks Central MN! Love it!

Good start!

I like that it's a clean layout however index page needs to be fixed. I do not like that you have to enter your password each time you click on the different menu options. Should just need to enter the password once and be able to go from option to option. Also then you should have a logout option. Eventually would like to be able to see the checks, either image option like the website or it states who the check was made out to. Overall a really good start and happy to see that you have an app!!

Good Start for a Small Market CU

The app is functional and meets the needs of basic day to day inquiries. However, the mobile PIN thing needs to go away. I don't know if this is a small town fear of the 'interwebs' or what, but initial authentication is tiresome. Secondly, modal dialogs in the application slow down navigation. There are better iPhone app designs out there that this application could use. Would also like to see the Tab Bar used rather than the list view home interface. Overall, the app is functional, but I can't help but get the sense that the developer contracted for this hasn't developed for the iPhone before.

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